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facebook phishing easy turorial :-


Process:- then copy the url or link

2.copy url and add it to "IDM" Internet download manager or u can simply save the url file.

3. now open the following downloaded file with notepad:- ctrl+f and search for the word "action" rename the word after the "action=https://www.facebook..........................attempt=1" to "mail.php" rename the whole same file example-"www_facebook_default" to "index.html"


7. (A) now open the "mail.php" given the the file with the notepad .

    (B)Their you have to rename the "$file=fopen (".............","a")
     (C) In the blank space put or renamed it as" log.txt"
(D) now save it
8. Now create a new file name extension with"log.txt"
open the log file and write"log" into shown in the given figure.



thanks boss i will try sometym ..

hope it can be done....

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