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Cookie stealing

hosting c-panel
domain or subdomain
files "given below"

2. Now goto c-panel -My sql database
3. Now creat database here
4. Database created like this :-
5. Now goto File Manager
6. Upload all 5 files here
7. Now click on "Config.php"
8. Edit it with your Database name and User name which you have created in my sql database.
9. Save it.
10. Now goto your put ur domain or subdomain name in the url of your browser with install.php at the end.
Example -
11. Now click on "install"
12.Now goto c-panel - file-manager And Delete the file "Install.php"
13. Now again goto brower url and type

14 . Now put your username and password which you have created earlier
example- remember this while you edit in config.php file

15. Now goto your software and put your url in the box upto index.php
Now click on "test php" {It will check your url working or not}

16. Now goto your url upto /index.php into the browser to check the log.
17. Now again to the software and click on "build server" , you can also choose the icon file.
18. Now it will create .exe file.
19. Give it to the victim and enjoy !!!

Download files


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